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Truck accidents are known to create some of the most devastating collision scenes, often causing more fatalities than accidents involving any other automobile. These huge vehicles are easy to lose control of and can be hard to stop once they have been set in motion. If you or a loved one were injured in one of these horrible crashes, you must reach out to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you can. Here at Jeff Chandler Law, you can depend on our dedicated San Angelo truck accident lawyer to help you file a claim to receive compensation.

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Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in San Angelo

All trucking companies are required to obey federal laws in order to keep truck drivers and others on the road safe. Unfortunately, those driving the trucks do not always follow these regulations, which is a blatant disregard for the wellbeing and safety of themselves and other drivers. A truck collision may happen because the driver has ignored the rule about taking a required rest stop. When these tired drivers fall victim to fatigue, they may doze off at the wheel and crash into another vehicle. Truck drivers may also be distracted by mobile devices or disobey speed regulations.

In other cases, the driver may be obeying all the rules appropriately, but someone else was irresponsible in how the truck was loaded or weighed. There could even be a malfunctioning part in the truck that was not properly checked before the driver started the journey. These multiple types of negligence could be devastating for anyone injured in the resulting accident.

FMCSA Regulations and Truck Driver Hours of Service

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict rules about how many hours a truck driver can drive a day. According to the FMCSA, long haul truckers must:

  • Only drive for 11 hours after spending 10 consecutive hours off duty.
  • After coming on duty, the truck driver may not drive beyond 14 consecutive hours, following 10 consecutive hours of being off duty.
  • Drivers must take a 30-minute break for every cumulative 8 hours of un interrupted driving.
  • A Truck driver may not drive after 60/70 hours on duty over a period of 7/8 consecutive days. This timer resets after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off.

There are even more rules to understand when it comes to trucker breaks. So you should consult with an experienced San Angelo truck accident attorney who knows these regulations and how they may apply to your case.

Why File a Truck Accident Claim in San Angelo?

It is critical to make a personal injury claim if you have been involved in an accident with a truck. Even though being involved in any collision is bad, a truck accident tends to have even more devastating consequences simply because a truck is so much larger than a normal car. The increased velocity of such a big vehicle means it is much harder to stop and creates extreme damage in its wake.

Some of the severe injuries caused by a truck accident can include:

  • Long-term or permanent damage to the brain
  • Trauma to the spinal cord
  • Ruptured organs
  • Severed limbs
  • Extreme injuries to the back and neck
  • Damage to soft tissue
  • Blindness
  • Internal bleeding
  • Multiple degree burns
  • Broken bones

Understanding the Risks: The Dangers of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are a grave concern on our roads, posing a significant threat to the safety of both truck drivers and other motorists. These accidents can have devastating consequences due to a combination of factors that make them particularly dangerous.

  • Size and Weight Disparity: One of the primary factors that make truck accidents so dangerous is the vast size and weight disparity between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. A fully-loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds or more, whereas the average passenger car weighs around 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. This stark contrast in size and weight means that in a collision, the smaller vehicle often bears the brunt of the impact.
  • Increased Stopping Distance: The sheer mass of a commercial truck necessitates a significantly longer stopping distance compared to passenger vehicles. Trucks require more time and distance to come to a complete stop, which can lead to rear-end collisions when traffic suddenly slows or stops. This increased stopping distance can result in devastating accidents, especially on highways and busy thoroughfares.
  • Limited Maneuverability: Trucks have limited maneuverability, making it challenging for drivers to react swiftly to sudden obstacles or changes in traffic conditions. This lack of agility can lead to accidents when truck drivers are unable to swerve or change lanes quickly enough to avoid a collision.
  • Longer Blind Spots: Trucks have larger blind spots, also known as "no-zones," which are areas around the vehicle where the driver's visibility is limited or non-existent. These blind spots can make it difficult for truck drivers to see nearby cars, motorcycles, or pedestrians, increasing the risk of accidents when lane changes or merging onto highways.
  • Fatigue and Long Hours: Truck drivers often face demanding schedules and long hours on the road, which can lead to driver fatigue. Fatigued drivers are more likely to make mistakes, have slower reaction times, and even fall asleep at the wheel, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Cargo-Related Hazards: Improperly loaded or unsecured cargo can pose a serious hazard on the road. Cargo that shifts or falls from a truck can lead to accidents, potentially causing multi-vehicle collisions or dangerous road debris.

Challenging Large Corporations: Your Advocate in Truck Accident Cases

It can be very intimidating if it was not a single truck driver who was the main culprit in causing your suffering, but an entire company. When corporations try to save money by cutting corners, this can have horrific consequences for the victims of truck collisions. These companies will still try to avoid taking responsibility and even attempt to place blame on the victim. To stand up to these large companies, you will need an aggressive trucking accident lawyer in San Angelo on your side.

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